How often do you give yourself a chance to slow down and unwind?

Massage is an excellent mirror to reflect back to you where you are holding tension and how much stress you really are under. It gives you accurate feedback of where you may need support in letting go. As a dedicated healer I take the time to understand your areas of stress and discomfort in order to create a customized massage session to help you relax and find more ease within your body. I combine a wide variety of techniques and styles to create the perfect massage for your body, mind, and spirit. My style ranges from deep to gentle. Come in to relax or address a specific pain or injury. Our work together will leave you feeling great.

Massage therapy is an effective method for creating deep relaxation and healing.

Benefits of Massage Therapy:

– Stress Relief

– Relieves muscle tension & stiffness

– Alleviates discomfort during pregnancy

– Improves blood circulation and lymph drainage

– Improves posture & body alignment

– Fosters peace of mind

– Increases awareness of mind-body connection


Massage Menu:

Swedish sports

Tui Na


Hot Stones

Abdominal Massage

Thai Massage


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