Ilya Yacobson L.Ac, CMT has been on the quest for vibrant spiritual and physical health for many years. Once he realized his true calling as a healer, his dream was to become a mystical shaman awakening the potential of each soul to thrive and celebrate their lives in harmony with their world, loved ones, and their path. He yearned to educate people on how to live in a sacred manner with one’s heart, the earth, their community, and how to care for one’s body and the emotional well being.

After finishing his pre-med Bachelors degree in Molecular and Cell biology at UC Berkeley, he ended up rejecting going to allopathic Med school altogether. Driven by his genuine love for people, he embarked upon a path of self transformation and taming the mind to put him-self in the best place to guide his own spirit and the people around him towards greater happiness. After studying various forms of Meditation, Reiki, Energy healing and different modalities of Massage he proceeded to earn his Masters in Chinese Medicine at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco. After getting his License he then added Medical Qi Gong to his Tool Box. Currently  he is a student of the somatic psychotherapy at The Hakomi Institute.

Ilya has always been strongly influenced by native healing modalities in the Americas and Russia , the ancient healing practices of India and China and the naturopathic cleansing and fasting of this century. Adhering to those influences he wanted to find a Medicine that treated the whole body as well as the soul, the mind and the emotions and that would diagnose the patient from a holistic perspective. Traditional Chinese Medicine offered him exactly that.

As he was finishing his Acupuncture training, he started a full time career as a massage therapist and acupuncturist at the International Orange Spa Yoga Lounge and his private practice:

His passionate and playful yet deeply attentive and thorough body work style draws from his training in Acupressure, Shiatsu, Tui Na, Deep Tissue Sports massage, Swedish, Breath-work, Cranial Sacral, and Chi Nei Tsang (visceral massage). His outgoing yet serene personality and penchant for the balanced structure and fluid movement of the body create a relaxed yet invigorating massage with joint mobilizations and yogic stretches, along with deep muscular relaxation.

Breath Meditation, Movement, Healthy Whole Food nutrition, Hydration and Prayer are his foundations for a balanced living and is now practicing Acupuncture and Herbal Therapy as well as massage. He loves to combine Acupuncture and Massage, Cupping, Gua Sha or Hot stone when ever suitable.
He himself is an ongoing student of Yoga, Tai Chi and Medical Qi Gong.


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