Acupuncture is a medical system that has been effective for many centuries healing the widest spectrum of human suffering, ranging from simple neck tension or joint pain to trauma and heart disease. This ancient healing modality is still developing today, aligning itself with the cutting edge of new scientific research.The beauty of acupuncture is that is presents a topographical map to access the internal organs as well as the emotional and mental layers of your being. The system respects the body’s own wisdom and empowers self-regenerative properties. Injuries and disorders are treated with the insertion and manipulation of fine sterile metal fine needles in carefully designated points on the body.


According to the classical theory of Chinese Medicine, a continuous flow of energy called Qi originates in the vital organs and moves throughout the body along paths known as meridians. As long as the flow of Qi is smooth and balanced, good health is maintained-but if the balance is disturbed, pain or illness occurs. Balance can be restored, however, by stimulation of specific points along the meridians which are associated with various physiological functions. While it is a great compliment to western medicine, in many cases it ends up abolishing the need for surgery and synthetic pharmaceuticals. Although most individuals respond immediately, leaving them in a euphoric state of ease and relaxation, traditionally, Chinese Medicine treats a condition in a series of 10 consecutive sessions. Many people chose to seek acupuncture on an ongoing basis since it is a very rich and effective form of preventative medicine.


Acupuncture is not only designed for those ailing with debilitating symptoms, but it is universally constructive because it increases balance within the whole body:

  1. Amplifies communication between the different organ systems
  2. Harmonizes the hormonal and nervous systems
  3. Enriches mental performance
  4. Strengthens the immune system
  5. Facilitates proper digestion and helps weight management
  6. Most importantly counteracts the stress response, which is the greatest detriment to health in our country and addresses Insomnia and anxiety.
  7. Rest from your busy life… 60 minutes of acupuncture feel like a few hours of deep restful sleep.


Those of you new to Acupuncture, I would love to introduce this exceptionally effective and time tested healing medical art.



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